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New version CE1008 T220701-FFP2WL
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The Air QUEEN™ Breeze mask has a tested filter efficiency of> 97% and meets the strictest quality criteria according to European standards. With its 0.1μm nano filter and an exceptionally high filter efficiency, it protects not only droplets but also the smallest particles such as pollen, fine dust, bacteria and viruses. The new ergonomic multi-fit construction with 3 layers, chin and nose bars guarantees a high level of protection and comfort with the lowest possible breathing resistance.This FFP2 safety mask is particularly suitable for older people, athletes or for work in areas close to customers. The Air QUEEN™ Breeze Mask is equipped with a practical quick release fastener and offers maximum comfort for everyday use in everyday life and at work.

Product details

  • Air Queen Breeze mask (Upgrade Nano Mask)
  • Washable up to 10 times using ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
  • Air QUEEN Nano mask is 4.38g. (Lighter than a sheet of paper)
  • 3D ergonomic design to FIT PERFECTLY on all face types.
  • level evaluation for KF94 , Tested at FITI by MFDS
  • more than 94% filtration efficiency
  • Light weight for all-day wear
  • Approved by FDA, European SGS, REACH, RoHS, KAKEN and CDC, and therefore is safe.

Air QUEEN Breeze FFP2 mask air queen breeze is Very high protection against viruses, bacteria, fine PM2.5 particles, pollen: EFB index “Bacterial Filtration Efficiency” between 96.03% and 99.694%. Very high degree of breathability.Very comfortable to wear all day long, ultra-thin, ultra-light (4.38g). Unlike classic FFP2 masks, which must be changed every 4 hours, the Air Queen nanofiber mask can be worn throughout the day, from morning to evening without altering its effectiveness.Very elegant.therefore, it is suitable for sensitive skin, comfortable to wear.Hypoallergenic.The glasses don’t fog up. It does not fall off from the nose. Soft and comfortable ear loops.Provided with a clip allowing it to be attached behind the head.

International Standards CE1008 EN149-2001 + A1:2009 – FFP2 NR – FDA – ISO 13485.

To check the conformity of the CE FFP2 certificate .

Origin from South Korea.

 US FDA Approved ★ NanoFiber Filter

 Lighter than A4 sheet of paper (Ultra Lightweight)

 Filters viruses & bacteria more effectively than regular face masks, giving you & your family more protection

★ Filters 95% contaminant Bacteria and Viruses

★ More sustainable & durable than any regular masks .

Common questions to ask about air queen breeze mask

Q1-Is Air Queen breeze mask FDA approved?
– Against its peer group in the healthcare sector, the AirQueen Nano Mask is a full FDA approved N95 substantial equivalent.
Q2-Is Air Queen mask reusable? 
Yes. Unlike the conventional filters, such as melt blown filter, nanofiber filter retains its filtration rate after many uses.
Q3-How many times can air Queen mask be used?
If your mask is not visibly soiled, you can utilize this method to reuse your mask up to 20 times, but the recommendation is 10 times, depending on your level of use.
Q4-Are air Queen Breeze masks good?
Air Queen breeze masks have been found to provide over 96% particle filtration. …above all Nano-filter surgical mask wearers, such as Air Queen breeze masks, have been proven to have lower heart rates, lower micro environment, and lower skin surface temperatures than those who wear standard N95 masks while performing daily tasks.
AirQueen Breeze German Cert CE 1008

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why AirQueen Mask

More info from The U.S.F D A! 

Air Queen mask is a F D A 510 k approved surgical respirator (K172500) with a use indication as follows, “to be worn by operating room personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the surgical patient and the operating room personnel from transfer of microorganism, body fluids and particulate materials.”  Therefore, the mask provides the maximum protection while being used even in day-to-day activities.Above all

The The Air Queen is not NIOSH approved because of its ear loop design however,. However, research carried out by Nelson Labs confirms the company’s products provide particle protection and air flow far beyond the level afforded by N 95 rated products. Wearers of nano-filter surgical masks, specifically Air Queen products, were found to have. For instance, lower heart rates, lower micro-environment and skin surface temperatures than subjects who wore standard N 95 masks while performing similar tasks.

advantage of air queen masks

In addition to the health and cost benefits, another key advantage of the Air Queen relates to its ability to distribute directly to the public.  Air Queen’s F D A 510 K approval has an over the counter (OTC) indication. AirQueen has begun selling its products to retail, and wholesale buyers including hospitals, state governments, labour unions, retail chains and e-commerce buyers. The Air Queen comes in both Adult and Child Sizes. For bulk order inquiries please contact us at

How many times can I use air Queen mask?

10 times

Unlike the standard disposable, single use face masks, in other word the Air  queen breeze can be reused up to 10 times. This reduces waste and is a big saving on masks.

Are air Queen Nano masks good?

Air Queen masks have been found to provide over 96% particle filtration. Nano-filter surgical mask wearers, such as Air Queen masks, have been proven to have lower heart rates, lower microenvironment, and lower skin surface temperatures than those who wear standard N 95 masks while performing daily task

Is Air Queen mask washable?

Yes. Unlike the conventional filters, such as melt blown filter, nano fiber filter retains its filtration rate after many uses

Is Air Queen FDA approved?

Designed for All-Day Comfort Individually-wrapped N 95 Substantial Equivalent F D A approved for OTC use.

filter technology

The masks use a next generation filter technology employing an advanced nano fiber material to provide high level protection, at a minimum 96.03% protection according to tests performed by Nelson Labs under standard (non-modified) F D A and C D C C F R’s.

The Air Queen has greater breath ability and comfort than the N 95, surgical or cloth masks which is vital to nurses who have to remain so active during so much of the day. The Air Queen earned a 510 K clearance by the F D A and a classification as a N 95 substantial equivalent after rigorous testing by Nelson Laboratories. The nano-masks are approved for use during surgical procedure.

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Why Air Queen mask is good choice ?

  • Air Queen° nano-filter technology – filters particles down to 0,1µm
  • 97% particle filtration (exceeding the 95% threshold
  • Certified and tested according to highest quality standards
  • Exceptionally low weight
  • High filter durability & moisture resistance
  • Breathe easy – with lowest breath resistance
  • Perfect tight fit with nose and chin cover
  • No more extensive fog on glasses
  • Ultra-light and maximum comfort with only 4,38g weight
  • Breathable 3-layer nano filter
  • High air permeability
  • Skin comfort / very good skin compatibility
  • Exact fit with wide nose piece for different face shapes
  • Comfortable elastic ear band

Why Bluna Facefit mask is good choice ?

bluna facefit men and women can wear it
bluna facefit men and women can wear

FACE-FIT* Design allows you to wear it closely to fit the wearer's face size.

Bluna Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
BFE 99.9% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

The mask filtration performance is BFE 99.9%.
It can be used more safely with it's excellent defense performance.

No-Humen Touch manufactruring processes
No-Human Touch manufacturing processes

The mask manufacturing and packaging is completely automatic and is safely manufactured without worrying about product contamination .

Bluna Anti-Fog & Anti-Slip down special material
Anti-Fog & Anti-Slip down special material

FACE-FIT*'s special material is attached to the nose part to help for Anti-Fog and Anti-Slip down during the wear.

Government laboratory level AirClean Lab
Government laboratory level AirClean Lab

To maintain the quality of the mask at all times,
the quality test shall be carried out with a certified testing laboratory.

Bluna Dupont hard-shell filter
Dupont hard-shell filter

It's pleasant even when worn for a long time and comfortable breathing is possible because the three-dimensional structure that does not touch lips is not disturbed.

German dermatest dermatologist tested
German dermatest dermatologist tested

"Excellent" rating obtained through skin clinical trial Even if worn for a long time, it can be worn without worrying about skin irritation.

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