Air queen KF80 Kids Disposable Mask Nanofiber Filter


air queen  KF80 Mask For kids is a healthy mask with Nanofiber Filter and classified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety .

Product Features

  • Air Queen KF80 kids are Thin and light
  • High protection rate up to 99%
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable ear band
  • Hygiene individual packing
  • Easy to talk in and does not stick.
  • Size (mm): 207 x 75 (adults).
  • BFE approximate: 95%.
  • PFE approximate: 80%.

You can reuse it.

If you don’t wear a mask all day long, you can use it for 4~5 days. However, the mask must never get wet. It must not be wet or contaminated.

How To Choose The Right Face Mask 

The face mask should be easy to wear and should also offer a comfortable fit against the face. The whole purpose of wearing a mask is useless if it doesn’t fit your face properly and leaves gaps on the sides or the top. Therefore, ensure that the mask fits your face properly.

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Airqueen KF80 Kids mask review >> Oct 10, 2021


Air Queen Small Air Queen KF80 Kids Disposable Mask Nanofiber Filterkids Air Queen KF80 Kids


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253 reviews for Air Queen KF80 Kids Disposable Mask Nanofiber Filter

  1. Miki (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Highly recommend

  3. Avery (verified owner)

    Best Mask I’ve Tried

  4. Kayden (verified owner)

    This is the real deal.

  5. yannick harold (verified owner)

    does the job

  6. Timothy (verified owner)

    Not the best thing, but worth the money

  7. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Good service.

  8. Kai (verified owner)

    4 stars for the product, work as described, but not as expected.

  9. Kevin (verified owner)

    No Foggy Glasses

  10. Michael (verified owner)

    The best!!

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Why Air Queen mask is good choice ?

  • Air Queen° nano-filter technology – filters particles down to 0,1µm
  • 97% particle filtration (exceeding the 95% threshold
  • Certified and tested according to highest quality standards
  • Exceptionally low weight
  • High filter durability & moisture resistance
  • Breathe easy – with lowest breath resistance
  • Perfect tight fit with nose and chin cover
  • No more extensive fog on glasses
  • Ultra-light and maximum comfort with only 4,38g weight
  • Breathable 3-layer nano filter
  • High air permeability
  • Skin comfort / very good skin compatibility
  • Exact fit with wide nose piece for different face shapes
  • Comfortable elastic ear band

Why Bluna Facefit mask is good choice ?

bluna facefit men and women can wear it
bluna facefit men and women can wear

FACE-FIT* Design allows you to wear it closely to fit the wearer's face size.

Bluna Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
BFE 99.9% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

The mask filtration performance is BFE 99.9%.
It can be used more safely with it's excellent defense performance.

No-Humen Touch manufactruring processes
No-Human Touch manufacturing processes

The mask manufacturing and packaging is completely automatic and is safely manufactured without worrying about product contamination .

Bluna Anti-Fog & Anti-Slip down special material
Anti-Fog & Anti-Slip down special material

FACE-FIT*'s special material is attached to the nose part to help for Anti-Fog and Anti-Slip down during the wear.

Government laboratory level AirClean Lab
Government laboratory level AirClean Lab

To maintain the quality of the mask at all times,
the quality test shall be carried out with a certified testing laboratory.

Bluna Dupont hard-shell filter
Dupont hard-shell filter

It's pleasant even when worn for a long time and comfortable breathing is possible because the three-dimensional structure that does not touch lips is not disturbed.

German dermatest dermatologist tested
German dermatest dermatologist tested

"Excellent" rating obtained through skin clinical trial Even if worn for a long time, it can be worn without worrying about skin irritation.

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